Meridian Park Yarn Arts Club

Kids After School Program

Location: Meridian Park Elementary

$ 144.00

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Welcome to the amazing world of yarn! You wouldn’t believe all you can do with yarn and thread with your tiny little hands. In this class we will do a host of different projects from loom knitting, finger knitting, needle knitting, crochet and hand embroidery. At the beginning of class kids will choose two projects to get started and will work on them until completion. When one project is done they get to pick a new project to expand their knowledge and skills in handmade art. No previous experience is require, but it will be taken into consideration when choosing projects. All supplies and fun included.


 Day: Wednesdays 1/31-3/28

Time: 3:35-5:05

Age of Student: 2nd grade and up

Classroom Location: TBD

Cost: Classes are $18 per student per class. This includes all fabric, supplies and instruction

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