Jeans Bootcamp (2 Part Class)

Adult Intermediate Sewing

Location: Greenwood Studio

$ 100.00


Jeans. Just the sound of that words sends us running for the hills and shedding a tear over the hunt for the perfect pair. The fear of fitting and construction issues we inevitably run in to are overwhelming. You know what though, there is no reason to let an pair of jeans get the best of you. Over the weekend we will talk about fitting, waistband construction, pattern alteration, rivets and finishing techniques.

 This is an intermediate class so you will need to have already completed garments and used patterns. If you have any questions at all on how to chose fabric please email or call us, we would be more than happy to help! 

Supplies List
1.  Your sewing pattern. We suggest Jalie 2908

2.  Please review the back of the envelope to see all fabric and notions you need to bring to class.

3.  Go ahead and cut out a muslin (cotton) version of your jeans before class. Bring the muslin version of your pattern pre-cut using pattern pieces so we can start fitting right away.

4. Bring your fashion fabric (what you will ultimately use for your jeans) pre-washed, and uncut.

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