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The Brand

At MADESEWING we teach our students the wonderful world of sewing and crafting. Through the skills we give our students we open a new creative landscape for their eager imaginations and we foster a safe, kid friendly space for them to explore their new art. Our curriculum is built to inspire and teach while keeping those little fingers safe. 

With our innovative project-based curriculum, our focus is on a new way to teach sewing that is fun, informative and leave the student with skills they can use for the next level. Through sewing, students will learn a multitude of additional educational outcomes such as special reasoning, 3-D conceptualization, fine/large motor skills, problem solving, learning responsibility, decision-making and so much more. Such skills foster a sense of independence and appreciation for not only art, but also the clothing we wear every day. We want our students to learn to think out of the box and into their bright futures.

Why Invest in A
Made Sewing Franchise?

Becoming a MADESEWING owner is an exciting business opportunity. It is a great way to leverage your passion for education and working with kids into a viable and fun business.  As a MADESEWING franchisee you’ll get to be a part of a popular, low-investment concept with a proven system. Right Now there is an opportunity to get in early and secure your desired territory. Be one of the “Founding Franchisees” and grow with the brand.

Help children learn the art of sewing as you gain financial independence without all the headaches and stress of building a brick and mortar business. Using our proven business model, you can be operating your own business in just a few months’ time!

The MADESEWING business model is based upon Carisa Brunner’s Seattle based, highly successful children’s edutainment business. Carisa is a 20-year teaching veteran who opened Made 7 years ago. She holds advanced degrees from Columbia College, The London College of Fashion and Seattle University.

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Operate a business where you enjoy teaching others

  • Low investment
  • Low overhead
  • Proven business model
  • Easy to operate
  • Scales very easily
  • Operate a business that’s your passion
  • Year round income
  • Mobile business, no need for a brick and mortar locations

Everything you need to succeed

We provide all the tools and curriculum you need to launch and run a successful mobile sewing business.


Support and Training

Proven Business Model
Website + Fully Integrated Technology Platform
Extensive Training Program
Innovative Curriculum
Marketing Support + Materials
Ongoing Support

The MADESEWING management team has over 80 years of franchise experience and is here to help all of our franchisees succeed. New owners will spend 4½ days of fun learning held at our Seattle location.

Once training is complete and you are ready to commence operations, we will provide an additional day of on-site training at your location. One of our field representatives will visit your market to assist you in setting up classes, camps and more. After your training is complete and you have been up and running, we continue to support you with training webinars, marketing manuals, digital marketing support, new programs, and materials to help you be successful!

Our corporate team is in place to help you aggressively grow your MADESEWING business.

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Steps to Ownership

Step 1

Complete qualification interview

Step 2


Step 3

Schedule appointment with your Made Business Development Counselor for a thirty-minute webinar, and to answer your initial questions.

Step 4

Review FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT (FDD) with your Business Development Counselor that we will email to you after you've had a week to review it.

Step 5

Franchise Management Tool (FMT) Demo

Step 6

Interview with Carisa Brunner, our Founder

Step 7

Configure your territory

Step 8

Attend Discovery Day in Seattle

Step 9

Execute Franchise Agreement

Step 10

Training in Seattle


THe Investment

Becoming a MADE Sewing owner is an exciting business opportunity. It is a great way to turn your passion for teaching & sewing into a fun business. Right now there is an opportunity to be part of the Founding Franchisees and select your desired territory and grow with the business.

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a MADESEWING franchise ranges from $44,100 to $ 64,450. This includes the initial franchise fee of $29,000.


Do I need sewing experience to operate a MADESEWING franchise?

No, we provide a complete training program including marketing, operations, accounting and technology training. Sewing and teaching experience is a plus, but not required.

Can I operate a MADESEWING franchise and still keep my regular full-time job?

Yes, you can operate your MADESEWING business and still keep your full time job as long as you have an operations manager that has completed our training program.

Why should I open a MADESEWING franchise instead of trying it on my own?

The MADESEWING franchise management team has developed a successful business model. We have honed our operations to give our franchisees the best possible opportunity for success. Why risk it on your own when you can leverage our expertise and experience? Our intensive training will save you from countless mistakes frequently made by novices in the course of business. Our marketing materials, software systems, expert support and other business tools will allow you to maximize the amount of time you spend in developing your business therefore ensuring success and profitability quicker.

Will MADESEWING franchise help me with marketing?

Yes. We will provide a proven marketing package specifically for your territory, as well as production and strategic assistance with your on-going local marketing efforts. All artwork, templates, ad layouts, etc. and a specific marketing plan are provided.

What makes a successful MADESEWING Franchisee?

There are three elements to any successful franchise relationship: a great concept, a good location/territory and a great operator. We have the first element, and we’ll help you find the second. The 3rd element is the real key and is always the operator. As a MADESEWING franchisee, YOU make all the difference. A Franchisee that is willing to follow a proven system and is committed to excellence, consistency, and constant, positive communication with his/her students and community will always have great success.

Do you provide financing?

MADESEWING does not provide direct financing. However, we will assist you in obtaining financing through our third-party contacts or a financial institution of your choice.

How soon can I be in business once I have executed a franchise agreement and located a mutually accepted territory?

You can be open for business generally within 60 to 90 days after your training has been completed.

Okay, I’m ready to open my first MADESEWING franchise. What’s the next step?

Your MADESEWING franchise journey begins with the REQUEST FOR INFORMATION. Please complete the form right now and click “REQUEST MORE INFO!.” Someone from our team will contact you shortly to help you get started with the franchise approval process.