Solar Eclipse of the Heart

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Solar Eclipse of the Heart
June 6, 2019

If you have been to our studio you will see, we have a wall of memories from each year we have been teaching. I found this adorable picture of the kids from the solar eclipse in 2017 and I thought, why not share my fun memory with you!

It’s total eclipse of the solar time! Now, I have geeked out a tremendous amount on this because A: I love science more than my mom would like (so many failed science experiments) and B: I love showing how art and science are two halves of a whole. So, when I found out the eclipse was during camp, I couldn’t help myself but to enlist my favorite crafter/teacher, Mary! Her husband works for a well-known tech company and she said “hey he got all this super awesome material for making glasses, should we make them for the kids?” Umm…yes?! Using our Cricut machine and a lot of researching on the right type of materials to use to protect those little eyes, Mary made these super cool sunglasses so the kids could watch the eclipse.

What I love about this picture is we had the opportunity to show a real-life example to the kids of how art and science go together. We talked about how an eclipse happens, why we can’t look at them straight on and how, without those cool glasses that Mary MADE, they would have been inside and not able to see the wonderfulness that is an eclipse. I then told them how, when I was there age, I didn’t have glasses. I had to look at it by using a Pinhole Projector with a piece of paper. They proceeded to roll their eyes and tell me I’m not “that old.” I’m not sure if that was a compliment. Also, don’t ask a 10-year-old what they know about eclipses unless you have a cool 45 mins to invest in it. Just sayin’, be careful what you ask for.