Confession: Spring = Rough for Teachers

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Confession: Spring = Rough for Teachers
June 6, 2019

The other day I was in the grocery store and I overheard what I call the “Sound of Spring”. It sounds a lot like “Why? Why? Why?! What is this? Can I have this? I’m bored. Are we done yet?. I’m bored.” And I look over and I see a mom who I know is thinking “Can I leave my child in the frozen food isle and not get in trouble.” I nod to her with that unspoken bond that only parents, and teachers understand. “It’s Spring.”
So, when I say it’s not you it’s them, I mean it.

First Confession. For a teacher, Spring is the worst. It’s terrible. Kids are cuckoo cachou and we are sick of all that is shorter than us. It’s when all the kids are sick of learning, teachers are sick of teaching and parents are starting to wonder “what do I do with them all summer?!” It’s ok to need a teacher break.
Second confession. There are times I have thought about unplugging the power strip, taking it with me (so they can’t sew unattended, because I do still care, mostly.) With my power strip in hand I walk out the door, lock them in and hope they don’t go all Lord of the Flies on each other. Basically, leaving them in the frozen food isle and running. It’s ok to be annoyed by your students.

Third confession. Classroom Management is hard. We always make it seem so easy like a hair toss in an Herbal Essences commercial. It. Is. Not. Easy. It’s hard on a regular day. Spring is rough peeps. Rough. Take 5. Give them a game to play or draw or pretend the power cord doesn’t work (totally done that once) and take 5 a minute break during class to regroup. This doesn’t make you a bad teacher. It’s ok to regroup and not have it all together.

Summer is around the corner and Spring is almost over. You aren’t perfect and you can’t be everything for everyone and every child. No teacher can teach everyone and the sooner you understand that they better you will be as a teacher. You are doing a great job. Be kind to yourself and remember….if you eat them their parent’s will notice. Now if they care, that’s not up to us. So until then…it’s this face you should think about.