Colonial Day

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Colonial Day
June 6, 2019

Today we were invited to St John’s Colonial Day and had the most amazing afternoon! As you probably know, I love all that is historical clothing, all time periods, mkay maybe not all of them. So, when St John calls us each year to teach sewing for their Colonial Day, we always say yes when we can.
In the past we have brought the sewing machines which is totally and completely historically inaccurate (the sewing machine we know today was made on the mid 1800s). This year we decided to go more traditional and teach them to make bookmarks by hand sewing. It was super fun, and, very hectic.

Kids aren’t the best at hand sewing….it takes a lot of fine motor skills that they might not have developed yet. I know you are thinking, but they are in 5th grade! I would say the same about an adult who sews their finger. You think at a “certain age” you should have the fine motor skills, dexterity, and spacial reasoning, but we all learn those physical skills at a different time in life, and maybe not at all. We did it though! With a bit of secret sewing and a whole lot of “pay attention to what you are doing” those bookmarks were mint. A wonderful example of combining history with sewing and teaching the kids how things were made back then (although they didn’t have hair ties so we are just gonna skip over that.)