And then there were two. That one time you made a joke and it became your business

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And then there were two. That one time you made a joke and it became your business
June 6, 2019

I must say that St John Elementary will always hold a special place in my heart. I taught Mrs. Ocampo (Adrey) in a few classes and I fell in love with her energy and love of education. At the time she was a seasoned 5th grade teacher and we geeked out about teaching for hours while she was learning to sew. Weeks later she walks by the studio with her young boys and we started chatting.

Adrey: I wish you could teach my kids
Me: They are a bit young
Adrey: Hahahaha! Not them, I mean my students
Me: OH! Well I don’t drive so I can’t get to your school. I mean, I could walk them over….haha
Adrey: Excellent! (starts typing on her phone)
Me: Aaaaadrey what are you doing, I was kidding….
Adrey: Emailing the principal. (puts phone down) she loves the idea so what day works for you?
Me: Ummm…..Wednesday?

And that is how we started our After-School programs! We had done a few camps before that, but this was the moment I couldn’t turn down. And I think it’s a great example of not turning down an opportunity. I wanted to run away. RUN. Instead I said “ok, what’s next” That was a huge turning point in my business, and the hardest to do.

One month later I got a call from Greenwood Elementary “hey, so I see the kids walking to the studio and my kid asked what they were doing and they said sewing. How cool is that! We would like to know if you would do the same for us…can you walk our kids over? How is your Thursday looking?” And then there were two schools.

Almost 8 years down the road we have had that same question asked and now go to over 30 schools…we must have done something right? I still don’t drive, but I have an amazing team of teachers who do, they make it happen every single day.